The Purpose of the Survey is

We wanted to assess our member's feelings/concerns about the new retiree travel policy so we can give legitimate, documented data back to AA. 

From AMRRC Brief:  In May, leaders from a variety of retiree groups met with Cari Ulrich and Chris Ducey to discuss the company rationale behind the new pass policy. Those retiree leaders will be sending a request asking for a second meeting and additional data. There was very little data given at the first meeting, with no data given dealing with legacy US Air D1 equivalent and D2 equivalent pass travel, no data on D1 usage at legacy AA and limited data on D2 usage at legacy AA. AMRRC would also would like AA to allow us to release some of the numbers to our membership. It is difficult to give our membership the facts, without being able to give them the facts.

To get results we are useing a designated gmail account for participants to send in responses. Please respond by August

All American Airline Retirement groups, which includes the TWA Seniors Club have been asked to send a survey to their members and to have data to present for our next meeting with AA.

Please remember we are now considered to be American Retirees, not TWA and whatever impacts AA Retirees will also impact us.  I know many consider the change from a TWR boarding classification to a D2R as an improvement, however what it really does is put the AA Retirees in the same boarding priority as the TWA Retires, not really an improvement for us and a definite downgrade for AA retirees.  They boarded with Active employees as if still working.  We all know how difficult it is to board with a TWR, so remember a D2R will not be any better.  Actually considering all the additional actives we will be behind with this merger and you will understand why I too believe we need to be allowed to board in the same classification as active duty employees.  Honor our Seniority

Also I know TWA Retirees never had D1 or D3 pass, however AA retirees always did and only the retirees are having the number of D1 and D3 passes lowered, so again what sounds good to us is really a downgrade for American people, and since we are now in their group it means less for us as well.

In addition to data we want from AA at our next meeting, we want to present them  some feedback as well. We would like to get a sampling of our readers/members and their feeling about the new policy

Take A Minute- Take This Survey!!   send to:

Just copy paste info below into your email or just provide the answers to the questions. Either way-we want your voice to be heard.
Please send the following information
Whether you agree or disagree with the new retiree travel policy

What aspect of the downgrade affects you the most
1. Fewer D1s than actives in 2015
2. Devaluation to D2r. 
3. Loss of D3s
4. All affect me equally
5. I care about two of the areas more than the third area. ____ and _____ mean more me to me than ______


INFO: AMRRC Briefing july 8, 2014 Click Here