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If you are reading this and are a former employee of TWA we would ask that you please join our organization. We need your financial support to keep the club going. If you look at the "In Memory Of..." page (click on the "You Need To Know" button at the left) you will see how many retirees have Flown West in the last few years. Not all of them were members of the TWA Seniors Club but many were. If we are to survive as an organization, keeping TWA’s memory alive both in our hearts and online, we need your support. If you are not a member of the TWA Seniors Club (national organization) then we ask that you please join. Just click on the "Membership Info" button at the left and read about our organization and then click on the "Form" button to print off, fill out and mail your Membership Application along with your annual dues payment to the address on the form. We also encourage you to look at the "Chapters" section and find a regional chapter near you to join.
Let’s keep TWA flying "Up, Up and Away"!

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