Airline Retiree's Pass Bureau

If you were with TWA for over 10 years, are over age 50, and collecting (or elibible to collect) benefits from the TWA Retiree Plan, handled thru the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC), but retired past the AA flight benefits cutoff deadline ... There is good news.

     A service that provides airline travel passes, ID-90s or special rates for most TWA retirees, is available for your use, and does not require any connection with AA pass benefits.   The Airline Retirees Pass Bureau (ARPB) was actually begun years ago by TWA, offering TW passes to EA, PA, and BN retirees, who lost benefits when their airline shut down.

     The service later became privately operated, and they greatly enlarged the benefits and also those covered.   Retirees, and their spouses or companions, of any airline, that is no longer in operation, are eligible to take part in this great way to travel at low prices.

     The concept, graciously offered by TW to others, has now come back, full circle.   There are many airlines in this program.   AA does not offer flight benefits to travelling companions of TWR retirees, but many of the airlines listed here, do offer that courtesy.

The program is processed by:

Dan Blyth
Airline Retiree Pass Bureau
1450 Lincoln Road, Suite 909
Miami, FL 33139
800-266-6738 — (305) 531 2771

Visit their web site for complete details.

(Retiree from TWA and PANAM should contact ARPB on 1-800-266-6738 to register and order their ARPB/IATAN card. The one-time charge for the lifetime car is $50.00 each for the retiree and spouse.)